Assignment 3

About an environmental writer.I don’t know much.But I know a woman who comes from China named “Bingxin”.Almost every Chinese student knows this writer.

 As I know one of the productions is ‘Fanxing’.One is to praise motherly love and innocence. Bing Xin, the first well-known female writer in the history of modern Chinese literature, is known for her “philosophy of love”. And maternal love is the fundamental starting point of the “philosophy of love”. She believes that maternal love is the source of the nurturing of all things and the fundamental driving force for the world to be bright. In “The Stars”, she regards maternal love as the most noble and beautiful thing, and repeatedly praises it.

This kind of maternal love song occupies a large proportion in “Far Stars”. It can be said that it is the affectionate praise of maternal love that laid the deep and delicate emotional tone of this work. Closely connected with the praise of maternal love is the cherishment of innocence, childlikeness, innocence and all new things.

The second is to worship and praise nature. In Bing Xin’s view, mankind comes from nature and belongs to nature. Man and nature should be in harmony

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