Assignment 2

Response about Bilott 3-4.The story happened in Parkersuburg. The whole story about environmental develop.At that point I’d like to discuss environment issue or improve.

With the development of the time.Our quality of life is improving day by day. But the environment is getting worse.The most recent big news happened in California.Fires are burning everywhere in California. The gas produced has an impact on any living thing.The most direct impact is rising temperatures and accelerated melting of the Antarctic or Arctic.This is the theme of global warming that the world is paying attention to.according to my understanding. Wildfires occur every summer in California.

But the environmental problem is not just this problem.If people don’t pay attention to the impact of the environment, it may be difficult for our next generation to survive.

Combined with reading, I will find that the original story can also be described around part of the environment.

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